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Mindscape, Inc. 
3444 Dundee Rd. 
Northbrook, IL 60062 

Software that challenges the mind 






Developed by ICOM Simulations, Inc. 

Mindscape, Inc. 
3444 Dundee Road 
Northbrook, Illinois 60062 
An SFN Company 

MINDSCAPE Software that challenges the mind. 

Copyright © 1986 Mindscape, Inc. 

Software copyright © 1986 ICOM Simulations, Inc. 

All rights reserved. 

Alert is a trademark of Mindscape, Inc. 
Printed in the U.S.A. 

Table of Contents 

Introduction 5 

Getting Started 8 

Selecting Objects 8 

Opening Doors 9 

Going Places 9 

Contents and Inventory Windows 10 

Commands 12 

The File Menu 14 

The Outcome 15 


You poor, poor, youngster. What a pity about your nice automobile. And I 
think I smell a storm coming too. You must come inside and dry off. Perhaps 
we can have you for dinner. 

Before I can show you around, you should take a look at the enclosed Quick 
Reference Card. Follow the procedures carefully and you will see just how 
uninvited you are. Go ahead and do it now; I'll wait. I have plenty of time to kill. 

Welcome back. As an uninvited guest, you will probably see things you have 
never seen before, so I am going to give you a little tour. Be careful not to wander 
off by yourself; some of my other guests haven't eaten in rather a long while. 


The first sight to greet you as you enter will be this strange artifact: 

Click to continue ^ 

In this house, we call it the command window. The message you see means that 
there are things you need to know, but there isn't room for the whole message 
in the text window. You need to use the rat ... I mean mouse ... to point to the 
box and click the selection button so you can see more of the message. What? 
Oh, the text window is that window at the bottom of the screen. It looks like this 
(All illustrations shown are from the Macintosh™; if you have another computer, 
windows may differ slightly in appearance) : 

Good euening. You haue been summoned as the Uninuited. 

LOOK-OUT! The last thing you remember before the darkness rushed 
up to claim you is your brother's startled cry. Vou managed to smerue 

You will learn more later. For now, just do as I say and we will continue. Point to 
the inside of the command window and click the selection button on your mouse 
until the command window changes to look like this: 

I Etfamine I Open | Close | Speak | 

This is called the command window because it is the source of all your power 
in this house. To give a command, simply point to the one you want and click 
the selection button. Usually these commands will be used to affect something 
or someone in the room you are in. For instance, if you think back to the scene 
of your accident, you should see something like the image below. 


To examine the car, point to the word Examine and click the button. Then click 
somewhere in the picture. 

The description will appear in the text window. 

As you already know, any time there is more text than the text window can 
hold, the command window will metamorphose into its "Click to Continue" 
form. If you wish to view the past, use the text window's scroll bar to move back 
through the last few windows of text. Merely point to the white box to the right 
of the window, hold down the selection button, and move the box up or down. 

Because you are new here, I will explain a few other things to you. 

This window is called the Exits window. 



It is very important to you as you explore, since it shows at all times which way 
to run ... I mean which way is out. The white box in the window represents an 


exit. In this case, at the scene of your unfortunate accident, it is the door on 
the driver's side of the car. Usually, you can use a door by double-clicking (click 
the selection button two times quickly) directly on the door in the picture, but 
occasionally there will be doors that you cannot see. Those doors will usually 
be shown in the Exits window. 

This little window marked SELF is you. 

Now don't get panicky— all that means is that if you need to Examine yourself 
or Open yourself (not as disgusting as it sounds— it's how you take inventory) 
youxuse the SELF button as the object of the command. Note that the inven- 
ted window is one of the windows open when the game begins. We'll get to it 
a little later. 

* Now, if you will follow me, I will attempt to get you out of that poor, broken- 
down car and up to the front door of the house. After that, well, strange things 
can happen when you arrive unannounced. 

Getting Started 

Look at the picture carefully. You might want to examine any loose objects. 
You can distinguish "objects" from other items on the screen by clicking on them. 
If an item turns color, then it is an object with its own properties. For instance, 
point to the steering wheel and click the selection button. 


Since it changed color, you know that it is a separate object from the rest of the 
car. If you want to learn more about it once it is selected, just click on the 
Examine command in the command window. The description will appear in the 
text window. 

If I were you, I'd get out of the car soon; I think I smell gas. To get out, 
select the Open command. 

B^II.HiilliTJM] p e nT] MM tiHiM »^ mr-iM 

Operate I Go 1 Hit 1 Consume 

Then click on the car door. That should open it. Another way to open the door 
is to click on Open and then on the small white box in the Exits window. And 
yet another way is to double-click on the door itself. 

By the way, try not to move the mouse when you are clicking on an exit, or 
the computer will think you are trying to move the door . . . and we frown on that 
sort of thing around here. 

Now click on Go 

1 Examine 

Open | Close | Speak | 

1 Operate 


| Hit | Consume | 


and then click in the open door or on the white square in the Exits window. You 
now find yourself on the doorstep, ready to come in for a visit. 

You might want to stop and see if there is any mail to bring in. To do this, click 
on Open in the command window and then click on the mailbox. A contents 
window will open. 

iQl mailboH wa 




' 1 

.Scroll Bnrs 

If you see anything you want to take with you, you need to put it into your 

To take an object, just point to it, hold the selection button down, "drag" 
the object into the inventory window, and release the button. If there is more in 
the window than meets your eye, use the scroll bars to see more. Be sure you 
are aware of what you carry... you may need anything at a moment's notice. 


The window labeled inventory contains everything you are carrying. You 
can move the window around on the screen if you prefer it out of your way. You 
can also cause it to change its form; you can make it larger or smaller. If you 
are a true novice, you might want to consult the guide to computer lore that 
came with your machine for more information about dealing with windows. One 
intriguing property of the inventory and text windows is that they can be in- 
creased in size by double-clicking in their respective title bars. Double-clicking 
on the title bar a second time will revert the window to its original form. I told 
you this was a strange house. 

Close box Title bar 

icbi inuentory 

Grow box- 

Note: Windows will differ from this slightly on other machines. 

The Inventory window can be closed by clicking in the "close box" in the 
upper left corner. You can restore the window to the screen by clicking on the 
Open command and then on Self. 

The Open command is very powerful. As you saw in the case of the mail- 
box, it allows you to see behind the surface of things. Never be fooled by an 
object's appearance. Use the Open command to reveal the inner workings of 

Come on in. . .if you dare 

Well, here you are. Your poor car has had it and your brother is gone. Now 
what? At least there's a house you can try for help. After all, what can happen? 
There's no such thing as a haunted house ... is there? 

Raise your trembling hand and give the knocker a try. If you're lucky, some- 
one will be home. If you're luckier, maybe they won't be. 




Allows you to look carefully at something or someone. Select Examine and 
then click on the object, person, or thing to be examined. 

SHORT CUT: Nearly everything except exits will be examined if you double- 
click on them. This may save time in critical situations. 


Close | Speak 


Use this command to open doors, boxes, safes, other people's pockets, etc. 
Select Open, then click on whatever you want to open. Open SELF to see 
your inventory. Open is often a synonym for "look inside ',' and can be used as 

SHORT CUT: Doors (when unlocked) will open if you double-click on them. 
Other objects may or may not. 



I Operate I Go 


Close is the opposite of Open. 


Operate | Go | Hit | Consume 

If you want to speak, use this command. Select Speak, then click on the person 
or thing you wish to speak to. Use this to talk to other characters, to cast magic 
spells, or to talk to yourself when you get nervous. 



Operate may be the most powerful command at your disposal. You use Operate 
to make things work. For instance, to dial a phone (too bad the lines are down), 
select Operate, then double-click on the phone. To light a match (if you had 
any), Operate the match on the matchbook by clicking on the match, then on 
Operate, then on the matchbook. If you want to unlock a door, click on the 
key, then on Operate, then on the door (or, in some cases, the lock). To pay 
money to a person or thing, select the money, then click on Operate, then 
click on the object or person you wish to pay. Operate will often work where 
nothing else will, so be sure to try it before you give up on a situation. 




Ml Hit | Consume" 


Use Go to go through a door or other exit. Select Go, then click on the picture 
of the door or on its representative square in the Exits window. 

SHORT CUT: Double-click on the doorway or exit in either the picture or the 
Exits window. 


Use this only in self-defense or if you feel the need to break something. Select 
Hit, then click on the target of the blow. Don't hit anything unless you are 
sure it won't hit back. 

Ewamine I Open | Close | Speak 


Operate | Go | Hit 


If you get hungry and you find food, select Consume, then click on the food. 
Do be cautious, though, no telling how long it's been lying around. 

TheFUe Menu 


Starts a new game. 


Saue Rs... 

Opens a preuiously saued game. 

Saues the current game. 

Saues your game under a new name. 


Giue up and go home. 

Use Save As whenever you wish to save a game with a new name. Save will 
save your current position as whatever "filename" you gave the last time you 
used Save As. You can start a saved game by selecting Open from the file 
menu and choosing your saved game from the list displayed. 


You should always use Quit when you are done playing. That way, you are 
given a chance to save your game before you leave. 

Other menu commands and special features specific to different machines 
are detailed on the enclosed Quick Reference card. 

The Outcome 

How does survival strike you? If you play really well, we might let you get 
out of the house. If you want more than that, well, rewards come to the one 
that earns them ... if you can get your hands to stop shaking, then come on in . . . 
we're waiting.